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About Us

Who We Are?

Zaintechs is an IT Consulting and Software Outsourcing services company, located in Mumbai, India.

We are a group of highly passionate, motivated, hard-working and result oriented individuals, with strong quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills who understand the continuously changing technological changes and accordingly deliver global enterprise solutions. We have helped customers across the globe to build their IT solutions. We are committed to help our customers achieve their corpoate goals quicker and more effectively. With our technical expertise, professional attitude, focus and passion to innovate, we always guarantee our clients the best solution.

We believe technology will help your business acheive its strategic goals faster and both need to move hand in hand. Which is why we feel it important to be equally knowledgeable about both aspects. Years of experience in a wide range of industries puts us in a position to speak your language - regardless of whether you are in Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Education or Charity.

Giving the best solution is something personal. We do like to devise solutions from scratch. But we will always check all available options first. While a custom solution may be perfect in a particular case, at other times, using an existing solution can work just as good and save you plenty of hard-earned cash. We enjoy collaborating with enthusiastic and ambitious companies in acheiving their strategic goals.

How We Do?

Our Mission

Provide innovative, reliable & high-quality technology solutions to enhance and improve the business of our clients.

Our Vision

By providing fast response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions, Zaintechs vision is to be one of the top ten technology consulting and software outsourcing companies in India.

Our Approach

Our Skills

Linux + Apache + MySql/Mango + PHP (LAMP)