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Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company's interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It is rightly said that 'The customer is the king, and the customer is always right' as he/she is the one who makes the difference between a company's success or failure. Yet companies from the corporate giant to the small enterprises are struggling to keep their business alive, as they all make the same mistake at some point of time. This mistake is the company's "attitude" towards its customers.

Excellent customer service is about being aware of customer needs and reacting to them effectively. CRM helps you to understand, anticipate and respond to your customers' needs in a consistent way, right across your organization.


Zaintechs has extensive experience in implementing CRM support to its client and has excelled with time. It is highly recommended in today's world to have a successful CRM implementation in order to manage and expand your business in every possible sight. Some of the Benefits of CRM are.

  • Increased sales through better timing by anticipating needs based on historic trends
  • Identifying needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements
  • Cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements
  • A more personal approach and the development of new or improved products and services in order to win more business in the future
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, ensuring that your good reputation in the marketplace continues to grow
  • Increased value from your existing customers and reduced costs associated with supporting and servicing them, increasing your overall efficiency and reducing total cost of sales
  • Improved profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost effective ways.

Vtiger CRM to the Rescue

Zaintechs Provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions with its 'vtiger' CRM package. Vtiger is a complete open source CRM software that is primarily built on LAMP (Linux Apache MYSQL PHP) stack but works on WAMP (Windows Apache MYSQL PHP) stack as well. Vtiger allows you to Integrate with applications that you already use to access emails, contacts, and calendars, so that the change is imperceptible. You can add Plugins for Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, and more are available. Some of the prominent features and benefits of CRM are listed below.

Vtiger Features:

  • Sales Force Automation ' Lead Management, Account & Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Quotes
  • Marketing Automation - Campaign Management, Mass Mailing, E-mail Templates, Mail Merge Templates
  • Customer Support & Services ' Trouble Tickets, Knowledge Base, Customer Self Service, Online Knowledge Base
  • Inventory Management - Products Catalog, Price Books, Vendor Management, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders
  • Productivity Add one - Outlook Plugin, Office Plugin, Thunderbird Extension, Customer Portal

vtiger Benefits

  • The vtiger CRM is built over proven, fast, flexible, and scalable LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies and other open source software.
  • Very easy to use as it is highly intuitive browser-based interface.
  • No licensing cost, only customization and support charges.
  • Domain experts to take care of any level of customization.
  • Remote development and support model to make solution cost effective
  • Presence in more than 10 countries to take Care of any physical support

Features that Zaintechs provide for CRM Solution

  • vtiger CRM software customization.
  • 24 x 7 support ticket available.
  • Prompt response within 24 hours of the ticket raised.