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Web Presence

At Zaintechs we partner with clients and provide an integrated Online/Web Presence and Internet Marketing package, a cost-effective service, to help clients use their web presence as a strategic asset which generates value and develops a competitive advantage for them in the market. The steps involved are: Internet marketing strategy/Website audit - During this detailed audit we do research, requirement gathering and analysis of current strategy to provide recommendations, and a detailed action plan to our clients. This is the first step of the service and it is performed to give the client a clear understanding of the objectives, the plan, how much it will cost and the final result we will achieve.

At the end of our audit we will provide a report that covers the following -

  • Strengths and weaknesses of current strategy
  • Where and what to improve?
  • Detailed action plan (How to improve?)

Website design and development - Designing and developing a new website or upgrading/re-designing an existing website with the focus on improving usability, customer experience, search engine friendliness, tracking/analytics and maintainability. Search engine optimization (SEO) - Defined as the process of improving the search ranking of the website, which in turn, increases the volume or improves the quality of the traffic to a website. The process of achieving good rankings takes time and diligent effort, but the investment pays off tremendously over the long-term. Our methodology involves detailed keyword analysis, website structuring, content generation and link building to increase relevant traffic.

SEO Checklist

  • Page Titles
  • URL paths
  • Clean URLs
  • Global Redirect
  • Path Redirect
  • Create Search Engine Accounts
  • Track your visitors - Know where your visitors are coming from and what they do while visiting your site
  • Page content - Take control of your page content.
  • Meta Tags
  • Purify HTML
  • Custom 404 Error pages
  • Clean code - Well written markup is very important to the search engine spiders.
  • Validate your site
  • Check your links
  • Submit your Site to the search engines.
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Create a plain text sitemap
  • Social Tracking
  • Protect site from Spam

Content generation : Our team will collaborate with yours to create new unique content to improve awareness and visibility for the trust.

Email Marketing : We provide an Email marketing campaign management service. This service covers software consulting and implementation (Integrated into the CRM system explained below) and creating the email template and content.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting : Customized CRM consulting and implementation service to help manage leads, opportunities and accounts, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, segment markets by creating different target lists and provide quick and prompt customer support. The system helps clients manage their current and prospective customers better and more efficiently.

We provide a holistic approach to CRM consulting and implementation which is not limited to software implementation but covers support and training for clients to learn, and take full advantage of the information system.

Viral Marketing : Word of mouth marketing using existing social networking tools.

Additional service of creating media advertisements optimized for the internet. Pricing for the same is not mentioned below; if Company Name is interested we will provide a quotation.

Website administration and maintenance : Administration and maintenance of the site. This includes software upgrades, website monitoring for errors, fixing errors reported during monitoring, updating the site with latest content and design, tracking and optimizing site for generating maximum traffic.

Social Media Optimization and Representation : This involves regular update and management of relationships developed on social media communities like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing : Pay per click marketing campaign service. This service includes keyword research, ad development, testing, tracking and analysis.